I design customer delight

Hi, I’m Salman, a senior product designer and I help organisations develop software solutions that people love.

Some recent work

What, when, where, why and how I made some projects succeed

Reports & Insights

An overview of crafting reports for a cloud-based print management program to help administrators understand ROI and optimise key areas.

Print tracker

A micro story of designing a SaaS tool to track print activity highlighting goals, challenges and outcomes.

Hold tight

I’m rebuilding my portfolio after a snag, new project are being added below…


Printer App for Scanning

The story of designing a speciality printer app to help users send scanned documents to the cloud storage.

My product design approach

Here’s how I approach, conceptualise, and advance a product through various stages of maturity.

UX strategy

Creating policies, principles and plan of action to help business and users win their goals amidst competition.


Understand the users, their needs, behaviours, and pain points. This involve user interviews, surveys, market analysis, and reviewing existing data.

Problem definition

Clearly define the problem we’re trying to solve. This often involves creating user personas, user stories, and job statements based on the research findings.


Generate a wide range of ideas and potential solutions. Techniques like brainstorming, sketching, and ideation workshops are commonly used in this phase.


I design user flows and visual elements, including detailed interactions, high-fidelity designs, and UI components, while ensuring accessibility and responsiveness.


I develop a basic prototype of the product featuring functional navigation, user flows, and essential interactions to materialise ideas for testing and iteration.


Conduct usability testing with real users to gather feedback on the prototypes. This step is crucial for validating assumptions, understanding user interactions, and identifying areas for improvement.

Design QA

Ensuring quality standards are met including tone and voice, messaging, accessibility, consistency of experience with other areas of the product.

Monitor & evaluate

After launch, continuously monitor the product’s performance, gather user feedback, and measure against key metrics to evaluate its success.

Organisations I worked for

How people find working with me

I’ve worked with Salman on several projects and he continued to impress with his positive approach and ability to listen and adapt but also hold firm to design concepts that are important.

Geoff Smith, Software Leader at PaperCut

Salman was a highly valuable member of the IT team and was instrumental in designing a completely new, modern UI for our application.

Andrew Dick, CTO Self Wealth

Salman Ehsan always proved himself as a very dependable resource specially when it comes to delivering results in very short deadlines. 

Salman Sarfraz, President Aspose Pty Ltd

His attention to detail and the ability to ask the right questions helped us build better products.

Chethana Choudhary, Manager at PaperCut

Salman consistently showcased his ability to solve complex problems and excelled in researching user behaviour. His diligence and wisdom make him an invaluable player.

Dan Chisholm, Lead Designer at PaperCut

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