I’m a Senior UX/Product Designer crafting B2B & B2C SaaS applications that empower users and drive business results.

UX/Product designer for B2B/B2C SaaS applications

Some recent work

Empowering Investors: Award-Winning Design for SelfWealth

A story of how I designed a social investment startup that won multiple awards for innovation in the FinTech space.

Case Study

From Paper to Powerhouse: Simplifying Print Reporting

I tackled the challenge of transforming complex print analytics into actionable insights for administrators within a cloud-based print management system.

Simplifying sustainability: A user-friendly app to save the environment

Empowering users to make a real difference, I designed a user-friendly web app that simplifies environmental impact management.

Printing control from anywhere: An add-on for remote teams

The rise of remote workforces created printing chaos. Companies lacked visibility into printing habits, leading to wasted resources and potential security risks.

Printer App | 4 Months

Effortless scanning: a cloud-connected printer app 

Enabling users to scan documents directly to their preferred cloud storage, eliminating the need for multiple devices and cumbersome file transfers.

Mobile app for zero-touch login and effortless printing & scanning

A mobile app enabling customers to log in and print from office printers, remotely, or at home.

A modernised platform for the Premiers’ Reading Challenge

A visually appealing and interactive interface sparked excitement for young participants, fostering a love for reading.

The future of property marketing: a Content Management System (CMS) for developers 

This project pushed my design skills to the limit. The goal: create a custom content management system (CMS) for DisplaySuite that enables on-the-spot iPad app publication showcasing properties and virtual tours.

A customised Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for developers

I crafted intuitive user, IA, wireframes, user-flows and prototypes to streamline lead capturing, interest tracking, and apartment booking, capable of integrating with the core CMS application.

Streamlining communication across 200+ branches

This innovative solution seamlessly connects branches with the head office, fostering efficient communication and streamlined workflows.

My role included crafting a user-friendly ticketing system, designing clear information architecture, developing user flows, and creating a visually appealing interface. A high-fidelity prototype facilitated stakeholder validation and ensured the platform effectively addressed the needs of all six identified user personas.

VetAssess: building a streamlined online assessment platform

Serving as the design lead I designed an online platform empowering businesses and government entities to conduct, monitor, and track assessments effectively. My contribution included:

  • User Flow Development: Crafting intuitive workflows that streamlined the assessment creation, delivery, and tracking processes.
  • Visual Design: Designing a user-friendly and visually appealing interface for both administrators and test-takers, ensuring a positive user experience.
  • User Testing and Validation: Conducting user testing sessions to gather valuable feedback and refine the design for optimal usability.

Streamlining staff scheduling: web & mobile app for a retail giant

This innovative solution optimised staff scheduling and boosted operational efficiency benefitting thousands of employees across Australia.

My contributions included:

  • User Flow Development: Crafting clear and intuitive user flows for both managers and employees, simplifying the shift scheduling process.
  • Visual Design: Designing a user-friendly interface for web and mobile platforms, ensuring accessibility and ease of use across various devices.
  • User Testing and Validation: Conducting user testing sessions to gather valuable feedback and refine the design for optimal user adoption.
Replatformed “Do Not Call Register for ACMA
Partnership management application for Telstra
A multi-channel dashboard, web and iPad app for Telstra

My design approach

Here’s an overview of how I approach product design through various stages of product development, offering UX/Product design for B2B/B2C SaaS applications.

UX strategy

Creating policies, principles and plan of action to help business and users win their goals amidst competition.


Understand the users, their needs, behaviours, and pain points. This involve user interviews, surveys, market analysis, and reviewing existing data.

Problem definition

Clearly define the problem we’re trying to solve. This often involves creating user personas, user stories, and job statements based on the research findings.


Generate a wide range of ideas and potential solutions. Techniques like brainstorming, sketching, and ideation workshops are commonly used in this phase.

Interaction design

Generating user flows, information architecture, and low- to high-fidelity wireframes to create an end-to-end product experience.

Visual design

Designing the visual layer, Design Language System (DLS), and visual components while adhering to brand guidelines, accessibility standards, and responsiveness.


I create a rapid prototype of the product, incorporating functional navigation, user flows, and essential interactions to materialise ideas for testing and evaluating with users, in order to build upon and iterate.

Design validation

Conduct usability testing with real users to gather feedback on the prototypes. Consequently, this step is crucial for validating assumptions, comprehending user interactions, and identifying areas for improvement.

Quality assurance and accessibility compliance

Ensuring quality and meeting accessibility standards (WCAG 2.1, 2.2, AA / AAA), including tone, messaging, and consistency with other product areas, is crucial for creating a standardised and inclusive user experience.

Organisations I worked for


How people describe working with me

Geoff Smith

Software Leader at PaperCut

Positive and adoptive

I’ve worked with Salman on several projects and he continued to impress with his positive approach and ability to listen and adapt but also hold firm to design concepts that are important.

Andrew Dick

CTO at SelfWealth

Instrumental in designing new app

Salman was a highly valuable member of the IT team and was instrumental in designing a completely new, modern UI for our application.

Salman Sarfraz

President Aspose Pty Ltd

One of our best

Salman Ehsan always proved himself as a very dependable resource specially when it comes to delivering results in very short deadlines. 

Chethana Choudhary

Product Manager at PaperCut

Detail oriented

His attention to detail and the ability to ask the right questions helped us build better products.

Dan Chisholm

Lead Designer at PaperCut

Complex problem solver

Salman consistently showcased his ability to solve complex problems and excelled in researching user behaviour. His diligence and wisdom make him an invaluable player.

Tim Churchward

Head of design at PaperCut

User centred and focussed

Salman is an absolute pleasure to work with. He uplifts any team with his positive attitude and dedication to growth. User centred and focused on bringing great experiences to users.

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