About me

I can talk about this topic my whole life. Literally. But you’d be short of time and I get it, so here’s a quick summary.

Okay so I’m Salman Ehsan. I’m a passionate designer and a problem solver who happened to work in the software industry, and fell in love when I discovered the discipline of UX some 20 odd years ago. It wasn’t called UX then but in whatever shape and form it was, it was for me. I fell in love with it, and it fell in love with me.

I’m a lifelong learner, always curious, full of energy for new and to explore deeper and as deep as it is possible for us to go. When you see the leaf, branches, trunk and the root, you finally realise what a tree is – and possibly what it is meant to do. Being able to understand who I am and who people are, I can possibly help myself and them focus on what matters and get them achieve their goals through meaningful design solutions.

I’m an Assertive Advocate

I’m an INFJ-A, if you know what it means.

With strengths

As per Gallop Strength Finder 2.0, following are the areas of my strength.

  • 1 Ideation
  • 2 Relator
  • 3 Strategic
  • 4 Individualization
  • 5 Achiever
And energies

As per Wealth Dynamic, I’m a Mechanic (system-thinker), Creator and Lord.

Skills and experience

I bring comprehensive end-to-end product design expertise to the product teams, providing everything they need to transform a vision into a successful outcome, including:


User research, Stakeholder interviews, competitive analysis, user personas, using CDD & JTBD frameworks.


Problem statement, user stories, feature prioritisation matrix.


Brainstorm workshops, 4up/6up ideation, concept diagrams, design and user-flow variations.


High fidelity visual design, Design Language System, accessibility and responsiveness.


Working prototype and Interaction design using Figma/Sketch/Axure for primary, secondary and testable user-flows.


Usability testing plan, test-scripts, feedback surveys and synthesis of feedback to refine and iteratively improve the product.

What makes me who I am

I possess two formal university degrees that I deeply value: a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and a Master’s in Multimedia Arts. These qualifications reflect the duality of my professional persona. On one hand, I am logical, analytical, and have an engineering mindset; on the other, I am creative, experimental, and have a deep passion for the arts. I find that the field of UX is a discipline that allows me to leverage both these aspects, energizing them to reach their full professional potential.

Topics of my interest
  • Study of self, energy maximisation, focus, meditation.
  • Design, art, branding, visual communication.
  • Entrepreneurship, strategy, marketing, product development, leadership and management.
  • Psychology, story telling, persuasiveness, gamification, decision making.
  • Social events, social and national growth and development.
My recent reads
  • Jobs to be done by Intercom.
  • Solving product by Etienne Garbugli
  • Lean B2B by Etienne Garbugli
  • Tel to win by Peter Guber 
  • Validating product ideas by Tommer Sheron
  • Continuous discovery and delivery by Terresa Torres
  • Inspired by Marty Cagan

Work I am proud of

I work tirelessly when I am dedicated to a mission that resonates with me. One such mission that inspires me is contributing to humanity—educating individuals, aiding them in becoming better people, and living lives filled with energy, purpose, and a collective greater good.

Some of the recent work that I take pride in includes:

What people say about me

View all testimonials on LinkedIn

I’ve worked with Salman on several projects and he continued to impress with his positive approach and ability to listen and adapt but also hold firm to design concepts that are important.

Geoff Smith, Software Leader at PaperCut

Salman was a highly valuable member of the IT team and was instrumental in designing a completely new, modern UI for our application.

Andrew Dick, CTO Self Wealth

Salman Ehsan always proved himself as a very dependable resource specially when it comes to delivering results in very short deadlines. 

Salman Sarfraz, President Aspose Pty Ltd

Industries that I have served

I possess a diverse range of experience serving enterprises of various sizes, from small and medium to large. The industries I have assisted include:

  • Education (4)
  • Technology (3)
  • Management (3)
  • Manufacturing (3)
  • Consulting firms (2)
  • Retail (1)
  • Insurance (1)
  • Pharmaceutics (1)
  • Financial & Trade (1)

Where I am heading towards

I believe we are on the threshold of a new revolution with the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI), as it permeates every facet of our activities and potentially delves deeper into our understanding of who we are and what defines us. It’s a remarkable time to be alive, as I have the opportunity to help individuals realise their true potential and assist them in opening up to the beautiful humans they are and are meant to be.

The prospect of contributing to the betterment of people, guiding them towards a life filled with meaning, purpose, and collective well-being, excites and energises me. This passion fuels my drive to persist in being and doing what I am dedicated to. I am passionate about making a difference in a world that shares this commitment.

Let’s connect

Are you working on something exciting or noteworthy? Feel free to drop me an email or give me a call—I’d love to hear about it.

  • Email: salmanehsan@gmail.com
  • Phone: +61 (0)423 725 380
  • Linkedin: In/SalmanEhsan
  • I’m based in Melbourne, Australia, but I consider myself an Earthling and the universe my home. Do you reside nearby?