Web application to track printing in remote work environments

The business aims to implement a comprehensive print-tracking feature that monitors all printed documents, regardless of printing method, user, or location, expanding beyond the previous limitation of only tracking documents printed through the PaperCut Printer.

My role
  • Discovery: 2 weeks
  • Ideation & design: 4 weeks
  • User testing: 2 weeks
  • Helping GTM team create KB & user guides
Team & tools
  • Design Lead (myself), Product lead (Vuthy), Dev lead (Behzad)
  • Tools: Miro, Figma, Draw.io
Business goals
  • Win customers with high print volumes,
  • Gain competitive edge in tracking capabilities,
  • Target businesses with hybrid working environments.
Product goal

Achieve a 50% adoption rate for the new print-tracking feature among customers within the first 90 days post-launch.

The problem statement

How might we assist product administrators in uncovering the new tracking component within the application and effectively guide them to activate it for all print users in their organisation?

Final outcome

Design challenges

Discoveries, insights and some fun we had along the way.

Managing a wide blast-radius

The component had a considerable blast radius affecting other areas of the admin console such as printer configuration & job-logs.

Covering knowledge gap

The main challenge was educating administrators on the new tracker versus the default system they were used to, highlighting capabilities and limitations to help them assess its value for their organisation.

Make status visual

User interviews revealed that admins’ lack of knowledge led to hesitancy in enabling the new tracking, despite no adverse consequences. To ensure the tracker’s success, we needed a simple design and mitigate perceived risks, empowering admins to enable it confidently.

Manage privacy concerns

During research, it was discovered that individuals working from home are concerned about privacy, particularly whether their printed documents are being transmitted to a server.

High uptake
Becoming first choice
Low support requests