What is opposite of Human Centred Design



I am creating a training program for young children (aged between 12-15) to understand concept of human centred design. And when explaining “HUMAN CENTRED DESIGN”, it is easy to explain that it is the way of thinking in which humans, the users of systems hold central position and all systems, processes and machines are bent around the human needs and mental capacities – to give them the most comfortable user experience. This is understood and explained well.

Now what is reverse of Human Centred Design? Is that machine centred design? Ease of building cantered design or simply “non-human centred design”. I am not in the favour of using the last option because this definition dependent on the definition of human centred design. It would be similar to calling “day” as “day” but night as “absence of day”, which means night is just a comparative reverse and not an entity in itself.

There is an era coming ahead where IA (artificial intelligence) would also demand to be in the middle and centre of few processes. Example being auto-pilot of Tesla cars where machine’s needs are put in the centre and entire system is build around it. Would that era and way of design be called “Machine Centred Design”? Is that opposite to “Human Entered Design”? If this is so, how would we call era of 70s and 80s where machines were built for users, yet users were still not central to their decision making.

Any thoughts on the subject are welcome.